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Meet Caroline!

Caroline of Caroline's Kids

Hello, my name is Caroline and even though I've gone to the Rainbow Bridge, my spirit lives on in Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue.

Caroline's Kids helps, old and sick cats, like myself, to live out their lives with care and compassion. Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue has a no-kill philosophy that allows these furkids, who have nowhere else to go, to live with dignity. Thanks to generous donors, Caroline's Kids is making a difference in the lives of cats. The kitties of Caroline's Kids send purrs of thanks.

Purring too,

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases


Executive Director/Founder:
Judie Brown

... and some of our residents!

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Samson, one of the many residents at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue
Seth, one of the many residents at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue


Sterling was a blessing in our home. Our friends, Jenny Graham and Ann Kohn, encouraged my sister, Steph, to check out the cat sanctuary for a possible adoption. As we walked around, I happened to notice a huge, handsome, gray boy sitting on the washing machine. We left and after thinking about the handsome boy, Steph contacted Judie Brown about adopting him. Well, the handsome boy had a name? STERLING. Soon Sterling arrived at our house (we already had two large dogs and two cats). His arrival didn't go well at first. Sterling hid in the basement and under the bed for two weeks. We were even a bit afraid of this 27# cat. Judie encouraged Steph to give him time to adjust - she wouldn't be disappointed. So glad Steph listened? Sterling was pure joy. He had many names? Big Fun, Ster Man, Gentle Giant, Purr Boy? list goes on and on. He was handsome, social, gentle and just plain COOL. We often thought he was a small dog trapped inside a feline body. He ruled our animal home (yep, gave our Boxer a fat lip? our dogs learned quickly about who was boss)? and us. All who knew Sterling, loved him. At the animal clinic he was the favorite "patient". What cat do you know that purrs when a vet picks and prods? Sterling did? even on his last day here on earth. He touched the lives of many, especially ours. Steph provided him with the best of everything. Steph adopted Sterling at six years of age and we were blessed with nine joyful years. Thanks to Judie Brown and her staff for all the wonderful work they do on a daily basis. We are touched and grateful because without Caroline's Kids, we wouldn't have all the fond and loving memories of our darling Sterling. We miss him terribly but know he lives on through the important work that happens daily at Caroline's Kids so others can experience the pure joy that we did!!!

Alexandra Maver

Hi Judie,

I wanted to send you some of the pictures I took from the adoptable room in case you want to post them on Facebook or use them elsewhere. The painting is Simon's work. He was the only one interested in catching the mouse on the iPad at that moment.

I've been talking about the sanctuary since I left. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit; even cleaning 65+ litter boxes. My bicep paid the price for all that scooping! LoL.

You guys are all awesome for what you do each day. Your work is very hard and physical but very gratifying. I was so happy when I left. The sick cats made me a little sad, but to know they are all being taken care of and that they are safe, made me happy! I will be back for sure as soon as I can and I definitely need to get you the leftover Prednisilone I have! I hope to bring or send you other needed items as well. I will continue to spread the word!!!!!

Take care.

~ Christie Beder

While I did not take a tour of the facility itself, I spent time in the adoption room when I adopted 2 cats. It was a great experience. When I was leaving with my two new 'sons', I was surprised that several members of the staff actually cried when they said goodbye to the boys. It was lovely and oh, so memorable. My favorite charity is Caroline's. Such love and dedication!

~ Donna Parker via Facebook

Judy and I have donated to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue over the years but never had gone there to visit. One day I was reading the paper and they said that they were in need of food and supplies so we stopped by Pet Smart and purchased some dry and wet food that they needed and stopped by for a visit. The staff took the time to show us all the rooms where the cats stay and we must say it was very interesting. The staff knew all of the 200 plus cats names and how they came to be living at the shelter. We were amazed that they all seemed to get along with each other without fighting.

We had the opportunity to go into the adoption room and sit down on the bench to see those cats and as soon as we did they all wandered over to check us out. Some will get in your lap and sit there or just sit on the floor and look at you. Some will play with a toy or just hang out in the many neat little beds they have scattered around the room. We wish we could take them all home with us but of course that is not possible, but I am sure they loved the 30 minutes of attention we gave them. We tried to give them all a little scrubbing while we were there.

We have had many cats over our 38 years of marriage and we loved them all. Each and every one has a different personality just like us humans.

We have to give all the staff and Judie and her husband an A+ for the wonderful job they are doing to keep all the animals fed and taken care of. It is a 24 hour / 7 day a week job.

We will go back in the future and make another donation of food and to visit with the precious cats. We might even bring back a few with us. Who knows?

If you do not have the time to go give them a visit make it a point to send a donation to this outstanding charity.

~ Bob and Judy Barnhart

Happy anniversary! You are appreciated for all you have done and will do for these little babies.

~ Lisa Fiorello via Facebook

You do amazing and loving things for so many beautiful cats.

~ Parenting Coach-Alison Astair via Facebook

Happy 6th anniversary and thank you again for helping Ichabod!

~ Lisa Kelly-Niesig via Facebook

Happy 6th...and THANK YOU for what you all do....Purrrfect!

~ Sandi Facemyer Caldwell via Facebook

You and those wonderful kitties deserve only good things!

~ Donna Parker via Facebook

I really wish that I lived closer! What you have for them is incredible!

~ Parenting Coach-Alison Astair via Facebook

Caroline's is such a wonderful place. I adopted 2 sweeties from there. God bless them for their kindness to all cats.

~ Donna via Facebook

I'm obsessed with watching your live feed on youtube ( when my cats are ingnoring :) I think what you guys do there is great.

~ Mary via Facebook

I've been watching since May and have been amazed at the work Caroline's Kids does as a no-kill shelter. This touched my heart, as there are not too many places like it, and the staff and volunteers work so hard caring for 290 cats.

~ Jenny Wren, Ireland

I'm so happy you are getting the press and recognition you deserve, Judi and Caroline's. What you do is wonderful beyond words.

~ Donna Parker via Facebook

You guys are awesome! Thank you for the work you do!

~ Cameron Crater via Facebook

One of the reasons I will be passing through every single state [on a cross country fundraiser bike ride] is that I would like this campaign to have a strong local flavor, and to bring people's attention to the great work that many local shelters and organizations are doing to prevent more healthy animals from being euthanized. Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue is one of these organizations. The work they do goes a long way to provide a better life for the animals of Ohio, and they deserve your support. Please show them that you appreciate what they do by donating whatever you can! Thank you. :)

More info about me and my campaign:

~ Armen, Europe

Thank u for doing this for carolines kids ))

~ Romi Winchester via Facebook

Great job ladies !

~ Debby N Tom Quade via Facebook

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