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aca Fighting illegal harassment, criminal trespass, and theft of animals in your care. If you are an individual animal owner, rescue, sanctuary, shelter operator, farmer, barn owner, or breeder you already know you are a target of unscrupulous lawyers and rogue humane organizations that were given extensive animal control powers with no oversight and personal agenda.



We are a limited admission facility on an available space basis.

If you unable to have a kitty in your home, you can help our kitties in their home by being a sponsor of one of our furkids for $20.00 per month. Email Us or call for details.

Caroline's Kids is a nationally recognized sanctuary providing liftetime care for cats who come to us because of age, disabilities, behavioral or medical issues. Cats come to us from all over the country.

We are non-profit tax - exempt 501 (c) (3) corporation and are funded through donations and receive no government funding. Our Director is unpaid and we do not have an office staff, only staff for direct care of the cats.

Our sanctuary is confinement free meaning the cats are not in cages and can live in a homelike environment with beds and all the amenities of a home while they are being cared for lifelong.

Check out our Love for Life program to make provisions for your furkids in the event you can no longer care for them.

Meet Caroline!

Caroline of Caroline's Kids

Hello, my name is Caroline and even though I've gone to the Rainbow Bridge, my spirit lives on in Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue.

Caroline's Kids helps, old and sick cats, like myself, to live out their lives with care and compassion. Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue has a no-kill philosophy that allows these furkids, who have nowhere else to go, to live with dignity. Thanks to generous donors, Caroline's Kids is making a difference in the lives of cats. The kitties of Caroline's Kids send purrs of thanks.

Purring too,

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases

... and meet some of our residents!





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Meet one of the many residents at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue

Meet Bethany, one of the many residents at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue

In Loving Memory Of Our Seized Cats
November 28, 2016 - November 28, 2018

They admitted to killing. 7
Died while in their "care". 10
Traded back to CK with a URI in exchange for 2 healthy kittens. 1
Changed cat’s name and "disappeared". 2
Sent to another shelter and adopted. 1
Sent to another shelter and "disappeared". 10
Adopted, returned, sent to another shelter and "disappeared". 1
Adopted and returned. 1
Adopted, returned, "disappeared". 3
Adopted. 28
Adopted, returned, adopted. 3
Adopted and lost by adopter. 2
Adopted, lost by adopter, found, "put down" by adopter. 1

As for the remaining 86 cats? Did they simply "disappear" or did they "make it home"? These are the most up to date results in our research.

In memory

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Animal Seizures: The Hidden Racket in 10 Steps

There is an epidemic that has plagued animal owners in the United States for over a decade. It is so insidious that the general public either doesn't know about it or they do and believe it is completely legitimate. The obvious question is how could a specific Racket be so invisible or condoned at the same time? This article exposes the core of how it is done. Readers might find it incredulous at first, but given time and a bit of personal research, it will all make sense.

Firstly, it's important to understand that the Racket involves the seizure of a high value or volume of animals either from private individuals, private rescues, breeders, farmers and other animal enterprises such as pet stores. We all recognize that pet stores have all but disappeared from the marketplace in recent years and there is a reason for that. They have been under legal and social assault for years.

Chances are you have read newspaper stories or heard on the local TV News that animals "kept in deplorable conditions" were "rescued" from their owners by a benevolent-sounding organization, such as a local Humane Society, SPCA, PETA or other group. It is important to understand the majority of these groups are private entities that have been given special police and prosecution powers by their respective States. This is often done as a budget-saving measure by the State and seems to make sense to turn animal welfare over to "experts", private entity or not. The problem is, many of these entities and their employees are not animal welfare experts. Their goal is to create greater cash flow while masquerading as an animal welfare group. Image is everything to these groups and is key to the successful execution of the Racket.

Through many months of research, here is how the National Animal Seizure Racket works in brief:

#1 Identify High Value Acquisitions – Horses, pure-bred dogs and other livestock or domesticated animals are valuable as "flips" for publicity, sale or re-adoption. For lesser-value animals, volume is the key. Individual animal seizures provide some Goodwill, but results in lower cash flow. The better the overall health of the animals are, the higher the Value to the welfare group.

#2 Initiate or Wait for a Formal Complaint of Animal Abuse – In this critical step, it may only require a phone call or message left with the animal welfare agency. There are no national standards for animal abuse, so a person could drive by a residence, see a dog shivering on the front porch and lodge a formal complaint by voice mail or text.

#3 Investigate the Complaint – Upon receipt of the complaint, the Humane Officer of the animal welfare agency, often an employee, will start an investigation. This is done by driving to the address then entering the property with or without the owner being present. If the owner is there and they agree to let this person in, they have immediately surrendered their private property rights.

#4 Obtain a Warrant – The humane official will then leave the property and go to a local judge or magistrate and present the affidavit or complaint to obtain a signed warrant. These elected officials are typically unwilling to deny a warrant for a variety of reasons, political and social.

#5 Begin Seizures – With a signed warrant in hand, there is nothing the owner can do at this stage to prevent the seizure. Often, local official law enforcement is called in as a backup. Being planned in advance, trucks and vans arrive with welfare workers and volunteers to begin extracting the animals.

#6 Publicity Announcements – Local TV and Newspapers will be quickly advised of the entity seizing the animals and begin the process of public humiliation of the owner. Without Journalistic integrity questioning the condition of the animals, the media usually takes the word of the benevolent sounding animal welfare group and repeats verbatim what the group says about the raid. It is almost guaranteed that the end of the article will contain an emergency call for public donations to benefit the animal welfare group that conducted the raid and seizure.

#7 Non-Prosecution Agreements and Threats – Animals owners have now been publicly shamed coupled with the emotional distress of the raid. They have been conditioned to look for any way to turn the situation around, stop any prosecution and get their animals back. It is at this stage that the verbal offers of NPAs are given by the welfare group's Attorneys. This can involve 10s of thousands of dollars and in some cases, 100s of thousands of dollars. It is important to note that this is seldom done in writing so it can be later denied if needed.

#8 Money Collection – Money begins to flow in both from the donating public convinced the welfare group did the right thing and from the hapless animal owner who, in effect, is paying extortion funds. Welfare groups often call this Restitution for animal care. Grants from state, local or national groups such as the ASPCA are often sought out and received for the "emergency care" needed for the seized animals. The granting authority, becomes an accomplice in the Racket whether they recognize it or not.

#9 Resell Seized Animals – Beyond owner money and public donations, the animals can be resold shortly after seizure depending on their overall condition.

#10 Prosecution of Animal Owner – NPAs are seldom in writing and oral offers can be denied by lawyers. The lawyers are all the more believable because the owner's diminished credibility due to media publicity. Criminal prosecution is almost a guarantee by the welfare group and their attorneys. Misdemeanor or felony charges can be sought, but it is more often misdemeanor charges as their lawyers are usually not authorized to seek felony prosecution on behalf of the animal welfare group. The animal owner seldom wins in local court, can be heavily fined, banned for life from living with animals, surrender their 4th amendment constitutional rights and agree to unlimited private property searches for years. Jail time is imposed in only the most severe situations but is valued publicity for the animal welfare group and their lawyers.

This is only a top-level summary of the Racket. Each State operates independently as do animal welfare groups that have been selectively given special police and prosecution authority. This is typically granted as 1 per county, but some counties have several depending on the population.

There is much information on the internet about the Racket, now being challenged in Federal Court in a number of States under the RICO Act and infringement of Constitutional Rights of Citizens of the United States. To start your own research and validation, I highly recommend a national organization called The Cavalry Group:

Dave Distler Chagrin Falls, Ohio

About the Author – Mr. Distler has been volunteering to maintain a video security and live-stream webcam system for Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue for several years. In November of 2016, a surprise raid was conducted by a local humane organization where they extracted over half of the cats who were residents of the Rescue, some for many years. CK is an 18 year old, internationally known as a "lastchance" home-for-life facility and more of a Hospice than a retail Adoption Center. His wife of nearly 40 years was one of the workers at CK that the animal welfare group is pressing criminal animal abuse charges against, a fact that Mr. Distler immediately knew was false. He then decided to further research into the "Racket" once he discovered it was occurring everywhere in the United States. Caroline's Kids has filed a Complaint in Federal Court against Lake Humane Society, their Attorneys, Board of Directors and the State of Ohio in what could be a Landmark Case in Federal Court against the epidemic of seizures and animal welfare racketeering across the country. For more information see

Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue needs your help. When you install Gumdrop by Goodshop you'll get coupons and deals in real-time, right on the page where you're shopping. And, a percentage of what you spend automatically gets donated to us. Gumdrop is a free and easy way to help us every time you shop online. Get it here:

Meet Taboo

There is a secret cancer eroding the lives of animal lovers and pet owners in Ohio. This deadly abscess is an Illegal Enterprise operating through a pattern of Racketeering; it is called the Ohio Humane Society and its County affiliates. Those groups, who are relied upon to protect animals, instead steal, torment, and, if they can't be sold, kill their helpless charges. The out-of-control criminal behavior of Humane Societies is a hidden national problem. As a former thirty year Assistant United States Attorney prosecuting white collar crime, it is my firm belief that Humane Societies in the United States may be the largest criminal organization in America today. [READ MORE]

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Here is the Truth

Thank you to Branolia, one of our awesome moderators, who so generously made this support video for everyone to enjoy and see what it is that Caroline's Kids did and what we are all about. We are still here, only changed forever. See the video on YouTube

Branolia, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for this beautiful piece that touches me deeply and will be a wonderful memorial of what once was for the whiskered angels.

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases 11/24/16 Thanksgiving Feast

Thank you to our awesome kitchen cam chat moderator, Branolia Gaming. Branolia moderates for us from the Netherlands. Yesterday he compiled a wonderful video of our 8th annual turkey feast for the cats. The link to this video is Thank you Branolia for your time and gift of this wonderful remembrance of a really special day for us and the whiskered angels in our care. For those who missed our turkey feast, here is the video of the downstairs rooms.

Share your birthday with our cats

Donate your day to help them. Here is what you do.....

In place of receiving a gift yourself, ask family, friends and party guests to donate an item from our wish list or make a monetary donation  (checks made out to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue) in your honor to the cats of Caroline's. 
Collect and set a time with us to drop off your gifts, take a tour and visit the cats you have made happy.

It is simple, fun, and makes their world better!
It is awesome and lifesaving!
And... We thank you for helping us to help them.

Founder, Judie Brown being nominated for Cat Hero of the Year

Remembering Friends and Family

Many people choose to give to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue in memory of a person who loved animals or a pet, or in honor of an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. This is a truly a fitting way of remembering as it helps the hundreds of homeless and neglected cats who pass through our doors in search of their own special friend and a loving home.

Upon receipt of your check made out to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue, we will send the person you designate a personal note telling them of your thoughtfulness. We will also acknowledge your donation directly to you.


Donate Petsmart gift cards to support Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary and Rescue Center

Donate Petsmart gift cards

Please help us care for our sick, abused, and aged cats by sending a gift card to
Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue
P.O. Box 24068
Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Walk of Love


Planned giving is a way to include Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue in your overall estate and financial plan. Remember CK when making a new will or maybe amend an existing will to include Caroline's Kids. Check with your financial planner regarding gifts of stock and other giving options that will help the cats of Caroline's.

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Walk of Love

Walk of Love

Kicking Off Our Fundraiser for Our WALK OF LOVE. This year we are adding to our beautiful sanctuary property a walkway in memory of furkids, family
[ See more information ].

Donate to the Roger Fund to support Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary and Rescue Center

Donate to the Roger Fund

Roger, a cat hit by a car, suffered injuries including a leg broken in five places. Roger, rescued by Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue, survived a "touch and go" costly surgery authorized by Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue.

They have now established a "Roger Fund" to pay for future animal surgery or emergency care. You can earmark your donation for the Roger Fund.

Join the  Love for Life Program to support Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary and Rescue Center

Love for Life Program

Who will care for your cat if something happens to you? See more information

Chico, a resident at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue We are a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the care and humane treatment of aged, chronically ill and abused cats.

The kitties at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue and the staff and volunteers at our no-kill cat sanctuary, Julius' House, in Concord Township, Ohio, need your help to provide for the cats in our care.

We want to provide an alternative to euthanasia for cats that are not suffering, but yet have been abandoned or surrendered by their owners.

Caroline's Kids is a sanctuary for life for old and special needs felines. Although we do adoptions on an appointment basis based on our availability, we remain a sanctuary with the needs of the resident cats coming first.

Our free roam facility provides a last chance for the "furkids" whose lives would otherwise come to a premature end. Our inspiration, Caroline, was one such creature who found sanctuary with compassion.

Our new 60 second commercial produced by Elysha A. Spector, Digital Media Artist.

Founder, Judie Brown being nominated for Cat Hero of the Year

Founder, Judie Brown being nominated for Cat Hero of the Year

[News Herald article written by Jenny May on 9/26/08]

To the more than 200 rescued felines housed at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue in Concord Township, founder Judie Brown is viewed as nothing short of a hero.

With a little help from the community, Brown, who operates the sanctuary for abandoned, sick and abused cats, could receive that recognition nationally. Brown has been selected as one of 10 finalists in the Animal Planet "Cat Hero "contest. [read more...]

Press and News Releases:

Cat sanctuary relies on generosity of donors Cat sanctuary relies on generosity of donors

[News Herald article written by Robin Palmer 4/18/16]

Judie Brown isn't sure who said it, but it pretty much sums things up: "We are not in this for the money, but we need the money to be in it."

Brown and her husband, Tom, created and have operated Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue for more than three decades.

From its humble beginnings of fostering animals, to renting a spot in a veterinary clinic in South Euclid, to having a shelter in Newbury Township, the nonprofit group has called Concord Township home since 2007.

The no-kill cat shelter at 7394 Morley Road houses more than 250 cats, many of which are older and have special needs.

And, it takes a lot of money to not only feed those felines but everything else that goes with running a shelter.

Judie Browns says its costs $20,000 to $25,000 a month.

"We do it on a wing-and-a-pray," Judie Brown says. "The generosity of our donors is what we count on."

For those who donate, here is where your money goes each month:

  • 80 40-pound bags of litter per month, $660
  • Can food, $2,000 (dry food is usually provided by donors)
  • Insurance, $364
  • Vet bills and supplies, $3,000
  • Cleaning supplies (18 rolls of paper towels a week, 250 trash bags a week, laundry detergent, dish soap, bleach), $275
  • Utilities, including electric, gas, Time Warner and AT&T, $822
  • Paid staff (3 full-time, 2 part-time workers), $8,000
  • Miscellaneous and offices expenses, $5,000 to $6,000.

Currently, Caroline's has an outstanding bill of $21,000 at Lake Animal Hospital.

"Each month there are unexpected expenses that ruin a budget," Brown says. "There is no administrative office staff and I as director am a volunteer and draw no salary."

Browns says besides donors, Caroline's has been seeking corporate sponsors, but "most don't give us the time of day."

"It's about the value of every life. Everyone deserves a chance at life," Browns says of her mission to care for cats. "We're all going to get to that point one day. It's about compassion. Animals are the forgotten ones."

She said one thing is for sure, when you donate to Caroline's Kids, every dollar goes to cat care.

"The dollars go exactly where we say they are going," she says. "Every dollar they give is going to cat care one way or the other. It's not going to a huge CEO or employee or administrative fees. It's not going for what the big organizations take money in for.

"We stand for honesty and integrity. Integrity, that is a big word for us."

Ways to donate to the shelter, include visiting its website at Mail-in donations can be sent to: Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue, P.O. Box 24068, Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124.

The shelter is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Also, the shelter has a 24-hour cat cam available on its website.

See more Press and News in the Press Section

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